China Trade Week Kenya 2016 – 2016年肯尼亚中国贸易周

The 2016 China Trade Week Kenya came to a close after a successful 3 day exhibition that saw over 150 Chinese companies exhibit their products and services. Taking  place after China Trade Week 2015, this years saw visitor numbers shoot to 30,000 at the event which took place at Kenyatta International Conference Center – Nairobi….

Yang Radio – Episode 4

  Hello my readers and listeners, here is Yang Radio Episode 4. A culmination of Episode 1, Episode 2 and Episode 3. I can feel some positive changes in my speech and all the effort being put into these podcasts is finally paying off. Remember you can also head over to my SoundCloud Page and listen to…

Yang Radio – Episode 3

Yang Radio 第三个 is ready for listening. This one is released building up from corrections made from Episode 1 and Episode 2. Thank you so much for the corrections and critics alike who have made me become better and better. I have already started working on Episode 4 which will be the best so far….

Yang Radio – Episode 2

The second podcast of Yang Radio is ready for your ears. I have corrected the mistakes I made in the Episode 1. As usual, if you are a native speaker of Chinese or your Chinese is good, help me improve my speaking by pointing out the mistakes in this episode in the comments section below….

Yang Radio Podcast 洋广播

This is my first podcast on Yang Radio. Listen to it and tell me what you think in the comments section below. If you can speak Mandarin, kindly rate my speech and point out errors Thanks. 谢拉

The Last Day At CRBC Section 7 – Emali

Every sunrise surely has a sunset and today was my sunset at Section 7. After close to a year I its time for me to make a move to greener pastures. I joined SGR Section 7 last year in September and much has changed since. The site has grown from a few 20 employees to…

New Phone New Photos 新的手机新的照片

Earlier this month I got a new Samsung Core 2 Duo. So far it has not disappointed me and it has in fact taken some really beautiful photos which I will share in today’s post. These photos are since beginning of this month. Enjoy :-) The year is coming to an end, welcome 2015 Happy…

Welcome Back – 欢迎回到肯尼亚

There is no better feeling than standing on home soil after a long period. The journey from Guangzhou – China to Nairobi – Kenya could’t have been more interesting especially at the baggage and customs check, but all in all am back to Kenya and it feels great. Time indeed flies and it was just…