Yang Radio – Episode 2

The second podcast of Yang Radio is ready for your ears. I have corrected the mistakes I made in the Episode 1. As usual, if you are a native speaker of Chinese or your Chinese is good, help me improve my speaking by pointing out the mistakes in this episode in the comments section below….

Graduation Day – 我们毕业了

Graduation comes around once in a year in our school and today was that day. Finally after a year’s study of Chinese full dose each and every day, today we graduated. Together with the rest of Chinese students, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine was swarming in glown-clad graduants. Graduation ceremony in China is quite different…

The Ordinary Prefecture – Welcome to Changzhou

After visiting Changzhou I took back my words and have never called it “The Ordinary Prefecture” again. Changzhou is like a strong glass of concentrated Chinese culture take all in a gulp without breathing. And yes we had it all in one day. Welcome to Changzhou. The city lies some few kilometers from Nanjing so…

HSK & HSKK Exams (汉语水平考试和口语考试) in China

The HSK Exams  are very important to anyone studying Chinese. With the recent introduction of a Speaking Test, test takers can gauge themselves on how well they can converse in standard Mandarin. In Nanjing, my city the HSK Test centers are quite many and most are located in universities which have a major in languages….

The Nanjing Garden Government Offices – 花园官署

The rising temperatures in the city has caused a stir as people take this opportunity to travel around Nanjing and its environs. The temperatures will rise till August making Nanjing very hot and humid place to live in. To most of Chinese this is okay but some foreigners would rather fly back to their countries…