Graduation Day – 我们毕业了

Graduation comes around once in a year in our school and today was that day. Finally after a year’s study of Chinese full dose each and every day, today we graduated. Together with the rest of Chinese students, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine was swarming in glown-clad graduants. Graduation ceremony in China is quite different…

The Ordinary Prefecture – Welcome to Changzhou

After visiting Changzhou I took back my words and have never called it “The Ordinary Prefecture” again. Changzhou is like a strong glass of concentrated Chinese culture take all in a gulp without breathing. And yes we had it all in one day. Welcome to Changzhou. The city lies some few kilometers from Nanjing so…

Fujian Province Tour Day 5 – WuYiShan (武夷山) to Nanjing

Today was the last day at Fujian Province as the 5-day tour came to a close. The day was very good although the morning activities were not so exiting. However the afternoon opened up really well and we went around WuYiShan doing some last minute shopping ahead of the long train ride back to Nanjing….

Fujian Province Tour Day 4 – WuYiShan (武夷山)

The Wuyi Mountains are located between Wuyishan City, Nanping prefecture in Fujian province and Wuyishan Town, at Shangrao city in Jiangxi province. The mountains have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site,for cultural, scenic, and biodiversity values since 1999. The Wuyi Mountains are the largest and most representative example of Chinese subtropical forests and South…

Fujian Province Tour Day 3 – GulangYu Islet (鼓浪屿)

GulangYu is a 2km sq island which lies off the cost of Xiamen(Amoy). The island has a unique history which makes it a hot tourist spot for Chinese and well as foreigners. So rich is the culture that there are literally no vehicles on the island except for electric government cars. Bicycles are also forbidden….

Fujian Province Tour Day 2 – The Fujian Nanjing Tulou(福建土楼)

This is perhaps one of the greatest sites on earth second to the pyramids at Gaza. Combine Confucianism, Taoism and the concept of living in harmony with nature and this is what you will get. The Tulou are circular or rectangular enclosed living structures with a common entrance where people lived in harmony. Located in…

Fujian Province Tour Day 1 – Nanjing to Fujian

With a population of 35 Million people, Fujian Province ranks 17th in China. The capital is Fuzhou City to the east. The province is well connected by China’s High Speed Rail but still relies of water transport since it lies on the Eastern part of China.  Our school has organised a 5-day trip to Fujian….

HSK & HSKK Exams (汉语水平考试和口语考试) in China

The HSK Exams  are very important to anyone studying Chinese. With the recent introduction of a Speaking Test, test takers can gauge themselves on how well they can converse in standard Mandarin. In Nanjing, my city the HSK Test centers are quite many and most are located in universities which have a major in languages….

Immersion – Playing Football

Someone once asked me which is the best way to study Chinese in China and I could only think of one answer – Immersion. The answer despite being very brief holds alot of importance which I have come to appreciate. Immersion comes from the word, immerse which means to dip something wholely into another. This…

My Nanjing In Pictures

This week has been very busy for us as we spend hours poring over books preparing for HSK Examinations, nonetheless I have stolen some time to enjoy what Nanjing has to offer.  With the cold, dark winter season over, flowers are opening up and nature is slowly coming out of hiding. The weather is equally…