Kenyatta University’s New Fire Truck Translation -肯亚塔大学新的灭火车当地人培训翻译经历

Kenyatta University‘s Transport department recently acquired a new fire engine. It was sourced from China alongside a Fire Engineer who trained the local staff on how to operate and maintain the fire engine. I was requested to offer my translation & interpretation services this past week to help the local staff understand clearly during the week’s long training.

Without going into too many details due to client-translator confidentiality agreement, I will share some of my experience so that you my readers can be prepared better should  a similar assignment come along.

Understand Your Engine

Such an assignment would require you to know the fire engine well. I requested for the truck manual and other interesting documentation that would give me an idea some few days before the start of the training. I got it in both languages and they were very valuable in the translations.

The ZOOMLION Water Tower Fire Truck


Understand Your Audience

The audience are the people that will be relying on your every word. My client’s audience was basically the Chinese Engineer & Local operators. Key understanding on your soon to be audience is vital. I met the Chinese Engineer a day before the sessions to know his language speed and also get to know each other.

The successful launch was after a successful translation/interpretation


Understand The Training Timetable

Know the time when the training session are to start is very important. Most sessions were practical so we had to start in the morning all the way to evening, with rest sessions in between. This helps to know when you can refresh your new words that you may have in your Pleco app.

The training sessions were mainly practical


Enjoy What You Do

Don’t forget to enjoy your work, make the client feel comfortable when they talk and make sure they don’t feel like there is a barrier in the language. Ensure smooth communication all the time, and smile when you need to do 🙂

Enjoy your work and ensure smooth communication.



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