HSK And HSKK Exams At KU Confucius Institute Timetable 汉语水平考试在肯雅塔大学孔子学院考试.考试时间表出来了.


JANUARY 20TH 2016 The Confucius Institute at Kenyatta University has released the HSK and HSKK Exam timetable. The exams which are held twice a year will take place on 20th March 2016 in Kenyatta University. Candidates are expected to register early and the deadline for applications is on or before 15th February 2016.

HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) is the standard Mandarin Exam for foreigners studying Chinese language in or outside China. The exam tests the candidates ability to read, write and speak Chinese language. HSK-K(Kouyu) is the oral version of the HSK Exam. This exam tests the candidates ability to pronounce the Chinese tones and fluency of the language.

HSK and HSKK Exam Timetable
HSK1 Ksh. 2000 Ksh. 1000 Ksh. 3000
HSK2 Ksh. 2000 Ksh. 1000 Ksh. 3000
HSK3 Ksh. 3000 Ksh. 1,500 Ksh. 4,500
HSK4 Ksh. 4000 Ksh. 1,500 Ksh. 5,500
HSK5 Ksh. 5000 Ksh. 2,500 Ksh. 7,500
HSK6 Ksh. 6000 Ksh. 2,500 Ksh. 8,500

Payment Details
Bank: National Bank of Kenya
Branch: Kenyatta University
Account No: 01003059150801
Account Name: Kenyatta University

Send the following details to kongzixieyuanlaoshi@gmail.com

  • Scanned Passport Photo
  • Full Names
  • HSK/HSKK Level
  • Telephone Number
  • ID Number

Also take the bank deposit slip to the secretary’s office for verification and more information. Call: 0719 512 273 for any questions.


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