The Last Day At CRBC Section 7 – Emali

Every sunrise surely has a sunset and today was my sunset at Section 7. After close to a year I its time for me to make a move to greener pastures. I joined SGR Section 7 last year in September and much has changed since. The site has grown from a few 20 employees to over 2000 employees and more than 200 Chinese skilled engineers.

It’s also a time to say goodbye to all my fellow translators, Chinese and local colleagues. I think what I will miss most will be the environment which I always called a small China. Section 7 has given me an opportunity to improve my Chinese level.

The following images summarises the change that took place at Emali.

Dust storms were the norm during the first days at SGR Section 7 – Emali
Laying the foundation for bridge girder yard.
Chinese bosses inspecting the rail sleeper moulds, this was at the Sleeper Factory
Watching TV with Chinese
Ceremony of casting of the 1st bridge girder at Section 7 – Emali
Me (middle) during an interpretation session on a normal day at work.
Workshop room at the sleeper factory. Here is where I spent most of the time learning how to repair most machines. Night Shift was the best. 🙂
How about going to work on a flat bed train? 🙂 🙂 Best experience

Goodbye all 继续加油


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