The Ceremony For Casting The First Piece of Bridge Girder of SGR By CRBC – 中国路桥梦内表轨铁路项目首片梁浇筑仪式

Normal site operations were disrupted in the evening when a section of the bridge girder yard was swept clean and literary painted red. Potted plants and tables were brought and a red carpet was laid, a sign that another 领导 (ling dao) was coming. A red Chinese banner was hanged above the steel moulds announcing that there would be a ceremony for the casting of the first piece of bridge girder of SGR by CRBC (China Road and Bridge Corporation). The common Chinese background music was played to set the mood for a grand ceremony.

The following images I took using my camera, my phone was low on charge.

Final preparations before 领导 arrived.
Chinese Supervisors(Red Hats) were up and down making sure all was set
Emali Sleeper Factory in the background

The camera also was low on charge so I couldn’t tale pictures of the actual ceremony. The invited guests came and took calculations as concrete was being poured into the moulds. The whole process took 4 hours and was not complete until 5.30 pm in the evening.

The engineers said that by tomorrow the moulds would be removed to check the quality of the girders.See you tomorrow. 🙂


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