Welcome Back – 欢迎回到肯尼亚


There is no better feeling than standing on home soil after a long period. The journey from Guangzhou – China to Nairobi – Kenya could’t have been more interesting especially at the baggage and customs check, but all in all am back to Kenya and it feels great. Time indeed flies and it was just a couple of months that I boarded the same flight to China and now its already a year.

After the 27-hour train ride from Nanjing to Guangzhou we managed to get a hotel in 小北 Xiao Bei in Guangzhou. Little did we know that this area has the highest population of Africans mainly of Senegal and Nigerian origin. Around the clock the area was timing with business of all kinds . From foreign exchange to latest fashion, you can get it in this area. This was to be our home for the next 2 nights before boarding the plane. Despite the sweltering heat and high population, shopping was cheap. Our stay there was just for resting and last-minute shopping and we all tried to shake-off extra kilos from our large suitcases.

Like a tradition to every city I visit in China, I had to steal some time and explore the large city of Guangzhou. Guangzhou is one of China’s advanced cities that is developed on the manufacturing industry. Many companies in this trade have large factories in Guangzhou and favour the proximity of the city to the port. Its the capital and the largest  city in Guangdong Province. Also known as Canton, the locals speak Cantonese while some speak Mandarin.

The city has an elaborate transportation system of which I tried the Guangzhou Metro and compared to the Nanjing Metro, its very complicated. Nanjing is always praised as the safest city in China – 在中国南京最安全的城市。Having lived in Nanjing for  long period of time, I can attest to that, however Guangzhou is not that safe and one needs to be very careful. All in all the friends I made at the long train ride from Nanjing recommend some places for me to visit but I could not make it due to time constraints but I will plan once am in Guangzhou again.

From Xiao Bei to the Airport we had to use a small minivan and it costs 150 Yuan.

Approaching the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport - 广州白云机场
Approaching the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport – 广州白云机场

Customs and Luggage – 国家规定

From Nanjing we had come with really heavy suitcases that were well beyond the weight limit of Ethiopian Airlines – Economy Class ticket holders. The time in Guangzhou was to help us cut down those kgs from our luggage. At the airport however, new rules caught us unaware and we had to leave some stuff behind while some weight being cunningly shifted to the hand luggage. The Chinese custom officials are the strictest I have ever come across, they vigorously checked our hand luggage for any materials that should not leave the country of might be deadly on the plane. 国家规定 I lost some items that I should have otherwise put in the suitcase. Why did they take the seeds? More and more check proceeded before we finally boarded the boeing 777 to Ethiopia. Quite surprisingly, even at the jet entrance, Chinese immigration Police were stationed there to check for additional luggage that should be placed in the cargo hold.

View of Mount Kenya from the aeroplane
View of Mount Kenya from the aeroplane

The journey to Ethiopia was quicker than expected and after landing in Addis Ababa the connecting flight was only 2 hours away. From Ethiopia, the sight of Mount Kenya is the warm welcome that you get as the sun slowly rises in the horizon. Ethiopian Airlines flies a scheduled flight to Nairobi so the small jet was not full.

Am very happy to be back in Kenya 🙂

Where to Study Mandarin In Kenya

I have been getting tonnes and tonnes of emails asking the above question not to mention the great comments on this post about Where to study Mandarin in Kenya. Now that am in Kenya I will work on a special informative post for that so don’t worry. Also for the great Chinese learning institutions out there spreading this great language, who have replied to the comments…thanks but I will have to remove your telephone numbers from the comments for a bit and offer you a more robust platform for that 🙂 大家辛苦了!

If you have any questions about studying Chinese in Kenya or getting a scholarship please add it in the comments section below and I will reply to that effect. And for the new group o students who are leaving in September this year for China, please read some of my posts especially on Immersion so that you can have agreat time there, as usual am ready to help you if you have any questions. 再见。


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