Goodbye Friends, Goodbye Nanjing – 南京我的任务完成了!


I don’t like saying goodbye and maybe you also don’t but I have to this time. My time in Nanjing has been close to a year and I have to wind up and head back to Kenya. Its been a time of learning Chinese language and culture in the best way I can and all this is because of the great friends and teachers I came across. While in Nanjing I got to visit many places of which I shared with you. From Nanjing I will head to Guangzhou (广州) and stay for two days then jump on the next plane to Kenya, via Ethiopia.

Great Moments In Nanjing – In Pictures

Group photo with classmates in Xuzhou
Group photo with classmates in Xuzhou
Me and Yang Liang during his home visit at Huaian. Thanks Alot
Yang Liang and I during his home visit at Huaian. Thanks Alot
Nanjing Winter - My First Winter Experience
Nanjing Winter – My First Winter Experience
Xiao May and I during my visit to her home.
Xiao May and I during my visit to her home.

Saying goodbye has never been an easy thing and to most of whom I said goodbye they requested me to come back soon. I would really like another opportunity to be here because just when I was getting used to Nanjing, thats when I have to head back to Kenya. I feel strongly that theres more that I could have done so I will do by best and get another opportunity to return. My Mission in China is not complete yet.

There are some may posts which I will be writing about my initial family visits so that to keep the memories lasting more and to inspire another globe trotter/student to take up from where I left. As I sadly prepare for my journey back accross the world I will really miss you guys and I hope we shall meet again….I will be back soon.

I would want to thank all my Teachers: Zhang Laoshi, Xiao Min (小敏), Liu Laoshi, Zhu Laoshi and all the helpful staff at 6th Floor. To all my colleauges and Chinese firends, thanks for all the good time we had together and may God bless you abundantly. Xiao May thanks for all the hours we spent on Skype as we helped each other imporove our English/Chinese everyday until we all passed our language exams. Thanks Yang Liang for being my first Chinese friend putting up with my poor pronounciation and inviting me to your home. Thanks Zhang Qin for the 4 day visit to your home and warm hospitality. Thanks Jodie for the great places we went  and food that we ate and I wish you a great life ahead.  Thanks everybody 🙂

Time To Go

Goodbye Nanjing
Goodbye Nanjing

Well, with everything packed into heavy suitcases which have alsready esceeded the airlines recomended weight limit, we went to Nanjing Railway Station to board the 27hr slow train to Guangzhou. As I write this am currently in Guangzhou and I will write more about it when I have rested enough. The train ride was the best ever and onboard made new friends…but thats a story for another time..

Arrival at GuangZhou Railway Station
Arrival at GuangZhou Railway Station

2 Comments Add yours

  1. marian. says:

    reading your posts on chinese in kenya has been a great inspiration in my 9th month journey of studying this great culture and language,chinese.your post leaves me with a conviction ‘it shall be my stories one day’ ‘i shall tell of my experience too’its like you achieved my goals in advance.i believe exposure is the best experience one can have and get rid off all feeble mindedness by seeing how others live and work towards making their economy great.i dream of china, i can wait sit for hsk exams in october, win the scholarship and live your dream.i cant wait to tell bloggers of my experience too in my own’s evident : mentors may never know those whom they nurture but their experiences leave footprints in hearts,claiming i must be Next Lupita! Next Mahatmma Gandhi &now Next you! too tell my experience in your footprints…xiexie nin! welcome back home.

  2. keniyaren says:

    Hi Marian, thanks for yor extensive comment that is equally inspiring. Yes a time outside China is a great time to evaluate onself. I hope that my blog will ispire you and others to take up where I left and even go a further. I wish you the best in your HSK. You can drop me an email if you can for more details.

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