Graduation Day – 我们毕业了


Graduation comes around once in a year in our school and today was that day. Finally after a year’s study of Chinese full dose each and every day, today we graduated. Together with the rest of Chinese students, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine was swarming in glown-clad graduants. Graduation ceremony in China is quite different from back at home in Kenya. In China it is a student-lecturer-school-media event while in Kenya its the student-lecturer-school-parents-community-highwaytrafficpolice event. In Kenya it basically involves the whole community far and wide. The event was held in Xianlin campus’ sports hall which was well attended.

Since Xianlin is an hour by bus from Hanzhongmen Campus(our school) we were in the bus by 6.30AM. Which didn’t go down well with some of the students given the amount of time we spent in the hall by the time we were called to the front. Anyway the Chinese students were all very happy and the ladies really looked beautiful. The event kicked off with some speeches and dragged on until the presentation of the certificates.

Outstanding students sent far and wide

Some of the noteworthy presentations were the students who had the highest record of borrowing books from the library. Also a group of students here handed flags and sent far and wide where the other students were not willing to go, quite a good one there. Claudio, a foreign student who graduated gave a great speech in Chinese to the amazement of the crowd. His pronunciation was crisp and clear. Dorris, a really good friend of mine also graduated and she deserves a mention because I admire here eloquence in English. She can teach English/Spanish to foreigners in a way I have never seen before.

Your ticket to the outside world
Your ticket to the outside world


Happy students
Happy students
....Did I mention that we had to sit on small stools?
….Did I mention that we had to sit on small stools?


So now graduation is done I have like a month in Nanjing to visit some places. Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine is a great place to have a good foundation in Chinese studies for any person wishing to learn Chinese in Kenya.  Thanks to NJUCM for the pictures too 🙂

Lets Go To Wuxi – 我们一起去无锡吧。

A WuXi Collage /Wikipedia
A WuXi Collage /Wikipedia

A promise is a debt and has to be fulfilled. Meet 张沁 , my first Chinese friend. Last year she invited me to her home in Wuxi and I promised to go, so next weekend I will be on the bullet train. Its just an hour’s ride and I will write and take pictures for the weekend. Wuxi is in Jiangsu Province and south of Nanjing. I cant wait. This will be my 3rd invite to a Chinese home.  Thanks 张沁 (Zhang Qin )and your friend Joanna.  I will cook some chapati and take the family as a gift.

  • Huaian 淮安 (Jiangsu Province) – Yangliang
  • TianChang 天长 (Anhui Province) – Xiao May
  • WuXi 无锡 (Jiangsu Province) – Zhang Qin

If you have any questions on studying Chinese in China you can add them in the comments section below 🙂


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  1. Grace Macharia says:

    the dark guy is indeed from my country kenya and in my campus studying chinese language.glad to see him gladuate and the other two ladys? where are they?

  2. keniyaren says:

    Hello, the other two ladies are well and are in Nanjing

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