KTV In China – So You Think You Can Sing?

5KTV or Karaoke TV is a booming industry in China which is loved by both the old and young. Forget what you knew about KTV before because the Chinese are really serious about it. Generally KTV is mainly small cubicles where groups can sing along to the music.Because of the popularity, the investments are really heavy. Each room has a state of art sound system that will make you feel a star for that 1 hour or so. The Chinese love KTV in the evenings and the singing will be accompanied by beers or drinks. With a wide range of music, on can create a play list and sing along till you go crazy. As a complimentary small snacks are provided alongside the drinks. The price is cheap depending on the location.

Yesterday our small Chinese language study group arranged a KTV evening at Wanda Plaza in Downtown Nanjing. The area is easily accessible by Metro and to get there just drop of at 集庆门大街站 Ji Qing Men Station. We started off the evening with some dinner which was simple noodles and hot Baozi (Steamed Buns) after which we proceeded to the KTV rooms.

A large KTV Screen at the entrance. Welcome to KTV - The Chinese Way
A large KTV Screen at the entrance. Welcome to KTV – The Chinese Way

After settling the financial details , we got a minute room to sing our voice out. The rooms are quite sophisticated and have a complete digital system which can be controlled by a touch screen at one end. A big screen sits at the front wall in-front of the black leather couch. In the middle is a glass table, on it some snacks lay there with a few bottles. On the wall is a small set of buttons next to the door for summoning the waiter and increasing the ambient sound. The lighting was reduced to increase visibility of the screen and after a few minutes, our play-list was full of popular Chinese and western songs.

Inside the KTV Room
Inside the KTV Room
The selection computer screen.
The selection computer screen.
All of us. Ha Le, Jodie, Me and Oscar. Great friends
All of us. Ha Le, Jodie, Me and Oscar. Great friends

Once you start singing time really flies and how that time went so fast, I didn’t know. It was a time to relieve stress and try as much as possible to sound like Mike Jackson. Hahaha. We went from Chinese songs, American and also a dose of Reggae from Jamaica. African tunes also could be heard. One thing to note, Jodie has a really beautiful voice, and I hope she will get to read this someday. After the session ended, the screen starts to shoe ads a signal that times up :-0. This was a great time.

So if you are in China and can spare some few hours, just go down to your nearest KTV center and sing this song 茉莉花 Molihua. (Jasmine Flower).


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