Fujian Province Tour Day 1 – Nanjing to Fujian


With a population of 35 Million people, Fujian Province ranks 17th in China. The capital is Fuzhou City to the east. The province is well connected by China’s High Speed Rail but still relies of water transport since it lies on the Eastern part of China.  Our school has organised a 5-day trip to Fujian. It will take us 9 hours across China to get to Fujian, this will be very interesting.

This trip will take us to Xianmen in Fujian Province. A city second to the capital Fuzhow. We got our tickets and proceeded to Nanjing South Railway Station from where we would board the D-Train to Xianmen Bei Zhan (厦门北站) Xianmen North Station. Today is not a peak travel station so the hallway was quite empty. We soon boarded the tran and the 9 hour journey kicked off. Most of the students had packed alot of foodstuffs and drinks which would be over sooner than they expected.

Nanjing South Railway Station

Travelling Long Hour Journey Handy Tips:

  • Carry alot of food depending on the time frame
  • This is a good opportunity to make alot of Chinese friends 🙂
  • Take all your devices to keep you busy.
Inside the D-Train Cabin
Xianmen North Railway Station

We arrived at 5:03pm with most of the students very tired. The air in the Southern city is very damp and humid so some pre-adjustment periods were good for one to get used to. The station is very modern though quite small as compared to Nanjing but it seemed quite well placed to handle the numbers. Most of the visitors to this city come to see one location – The Tulou Ancient Sites, which we will be going to see tomorrow.

Now for some good Chinese dinner, see you tomorrow :-)


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