HSK & HSKK Exams (汉语水平考试和口语考试) in China


The HSK Exams  are very important to anyone studying Chinese. With the recent introduction of a Speaking Test, test takers can gauge themselves on how well they can converse in standard Mandarin. In Nanjing, my city the HSK Test centers are quite many and most are located in universities which have a major in languages. My university being a Chinese Medicine center sadly did not have a HSK Center so we all registered at Nanjing University (南京大学)。

The cost of a HSK exam is 400 Yuan but if you are a scholarship awardee you are already covered so no need to pay. However Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC) students can only choose one, HSK or HSKK. Only one exam is covered, the other you have to pay. Confucius Scholarship (CIS) are fully covered for both exams.

Basic Rules Worth Knowing Before The Exams

  1. Download and print the Exam Ticket 2 days before the exam date, and keep this ticket
  2. Arrive at the exam center at least 45 mins before the start time, just to be safe.
  3. Carry your Exam Ticket, Passport and maybe Students ID to the exam room.
  4. If the exam center is near your school, visit it the day before to familiarise yourself.
  5. For the Speaking Test make sure the headset is working well before the exam starts. If not alert the teacher.
  6. Most speaking tests will be held in the afternoon, but check on your ticket for exact times.
  7. Exam results will be posted on www.chinesetesting.cn after 4 weeks, so you can check there.
The Testing Center at Nanjing University
This building also acts as a center for many international cultural exchange programs
HSK/HSKK Exam Room.

Speaking Like a Native Project

I had started a project for Speaking like a Native which involved mimicking a Chinese speaking. I will post results soon for you to judge.


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