The Nanjing Garden Government Offices – 花园官署


The rising temperatures in the city has caused a stir as people take this opportunity to travel around Nanjing and its environs. The temperatures will rise till August making Nanjing very hot and humid place to live in. To most of Chinese this is okay but some foreigners would rather fly back to their countries and escape this heat wave.

The Nanjing Government opened the Garden Government Offices to invited public. The event is highly sought and many would love to visit this beautiful garden during the late spring season. Originally as the central government offices when Nanjing was the capital of China, the garden offices stand firm and beautiful. Presently they are occupied by various departments while still maintaining the majesty that they once enjoyed.

The Nanjing Government extended their invitation to our school with 10 slots. We all jumped in for the opportunity. The event was swarmed with SWAT(Chinese) police manning the traffic all the way to the entrance of the Garden Offices. Smartly dressed ladies welcomed the guests while the police kept a keen eye on us as we strolled in.

Have a look at these pictures:

The lovely tour guide
The lovely tour guide


The Auditorium of People's Government of Nanjing Municipality.
The Auditorium of People’s Government of Nanjing Municipality.
Visitors room.
Visitors room.
The Main Hall of the Temple of Guan Yu
The Main Hall of the Temple of Guan Yu

This event is a must attend for visitors in Nanjing. The Nanjing Government sends out invitations to universities and some schools.


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