Notice for Foreigners Living In Nanjing – Nanjing Public Security Bureau


Nanjing is regarded as one of the safest cities in China, and because of that security is an important matter to the Nanjing Police department. Today a team from Nanjing Public Security Bureau of the Exit-Entry Administration Division of Nanjing. The came to put some things clear and provide a level playing field to be exact. The presentation was great and despite that the language was more Chinese than English which, really should be the case, I was surprised that I grasped a good 60%. The following are the main items that foreigners/students planning to come to Nanjing should know, as regarding to Visa regulations.

  1. The duration of stay specified on the visa should not exceed 180 days, and the holder can extend the visa by applying to the Exit-Entry Administration Department of Public Security Authorities at least 7 days prior to the expiry.
  2. Residents with the residence permits wishing to extend their stay must do so at least 30 days prior to the expiry of the visa, this is very important as failure to do so can attract a fine of upto 20,000 Yuan or imprisonment for a few days. Students please take not of this.
  3. After arrival into Nanjing, within 24hours the foreigner must report to the nearest local public security bureaus. This is now being enforced so students please not this. Failure to can result to being fined.
  4. Law and order must be maintained and foreigners are to be cautious when engaging in activities contravening this law.
  5. Students currently working without correct Visas were also warned and risk fined together with the employer, however the Nanjing government is working on a plan that will enable students who want to work to support their study. Before that now its illegal to work with a student visa.

Students of universities were also urged to avoid drinking too much (白酒) Chinese wine. This was because some would go and walk dangerously of the road which risked their lives.



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