Physical Examination in China for Foreign Students

JiangsuUpon arriving in China, all foreigners are required within a specific period of time depending on their Visas visit the nearest health care centre and undergo a physical examination to ascertain their health. The same goes for students who come to study. Most universities will have a common date to take the students to the health facility and on such days its full and the lines are long.  Irrespective of whether you had undertaken a similar test in your country prior to coming to China, you might be passed for some but most likely they will have you undergo a blood test for the least.

For Nanjing residents/students, they will be taken to the above pictured facility. Located at Zhangfuyuan(Nanjing), just a few meters from the metro station, the Jiangsu International Travel Healthcare Center is very advanced and during low season, you can get your check up within 30 minutes. If you had undergone a similar test in your country before entering China within 6 months, they will honour your documents to some point but you will not escape the blood test. Be sure to carry all the associated documents like the blood test certificate, Yellow Fever, ECG and X-ray as this will prove that you had done the test before. The staff speak English too so not to worry.

However if you are starting from scratch, it will be a bit costly. Carry 500 RMB to be safe because it may come anything close to 430 RMB. One thing to note is that the facility is open from 8.00AM to 12.00 PM. Upon exits into the center, quickly fill  in the form available on the tables and proceed to the 2nd teller(Acceptance). After they accept the data you have filled in, you will be asked to pay at the next counter depending on the tests you had done before, (declare associated medical papers, to make it cheaper for you). The after payment, you will proceed to 3rd floor for the tests. Afternoon closed. Depending on the tests, you should get your results within 3 working days.


  • Passport
  • 4 China Standard Passport-size photographs
  • 500 RMB
  • 40 Minutes 🙂
  • Accompanying hospital documents
  • Unless its cold, avoid heavy garments, some test require bare chests.

The physical examinations will be valid for 1 year so keep it safe and you will not need to do another. For Kenyans students under the CIS or CSC scholarships, do the tests in government hospitals back in Kenya and complete them fully before departing, the carry all the associated documents like X-ray sheets, ECG etc and you may end up paying only 100 RMB instead of 430 RMB. Howz that.


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