It Might Snow In Nanjing, Jiangsu (它可能下雪南京江苏)

HeaderNanjing residents woke up on Wednesday morning to find a white coat of frost everywhere. Finally it seems that this year won’t slip by without a day or two of snowfall. Nanjing annually gets its fare share of snow but in 2014 it seemed to have been forgotten. The recent rise of temperatures was a clear statement from the weather man that this time round, snow would not be falling on Nanjing.  During summer high, the city is normally very very hot, one of the hottest in China, however winter lows fall to -15 Degrees Centigrade.

The early morning frost shower started at 4.00am and temperatures are expected to remain low for the next few days of the week.  Snowfall is expected today or tomorrow but only for 2 days. So if you are a fan of icy conditions, prepare for a day of snow. With most Chinese still enjoying the week long Spring holiday, Nanjing remains a ghost town with only foreigners out to explore. Traffic density is on a years low, but is expected to rise as the masses resume work on 8th of February.

If and when it snows, I will update some pictures, now lets all remain warm and drive safely as the roads might get slippery, have a good spring holiday.

Frost/Ice on a car's windscreen
Frost/Ice on a car’s windscreen
The owners have a lot of work to do :-)
The owners have a lot of work to do 🙂



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