Bozhan Chinese Corner – How To Make Jiaozi

HeaderBozhan Chinese Corner is a group meeting organized by Bozhan Consulting Ltd. They meet every Wednesday at Blue Sky – Grill & Bar – Downtown Nanjing. The purpose of the meeting is to foster Chinese learning and every week has its own theme.  Regular attendees are both Chinese and foreigners in the working/studying spheres of life.  Blue Sky Grill&Bar is at No.77  along Shanghai Road. Take Bus No:  13,83,65,152 and drop at Wutaishan North bust stop near the junction of Shanghai road and Guangzhou road. The place is clearly visible,  so you cant miss it.

Today was my first time to attend and to say the least, I was abit nervous since my Chinese is not enough to hold a conversation to the end, and since most attendees have been around for years, I was abit shaky. Never the less, I arrived early and found them at the back preparing tables. Not many had arrived.I  Met Lucy Lu, the boss of the event. She is a nice and beautiful lady.

RestaurantThe event kicked off in high gear as we started with preparing the dough. We divided ourselves into 2 groups, one to work on the flour, while the rest prepared the vegetables and meat which would be put inside. The are two types of jiaozi (饺子)One that has vegetables inside while another which has meat. This dish is an important part of Chinese Culture and especially in Northern China. During spring festival, the family comes together to make them.

As more attendees walked in, the event became warm and full of happiness. The kneading nevertheless was tough since we had to make it really soft. I have never met so many Chinese people like today. Introductions went on smoothly as each carefully worked on their pieces of dough. Most attendees had a good command of Chinese as well as English. I can never get enough of hearing good Chinese from ladies, its like music to my ears.

mmexport1391611123594Soon we were filling the Jiaozi with the delicious contents. In Chinese culture it is common to put in a coin in random jiaozi so that during eating, the one who finds it will have a lucky year. Just be cautious not so swallow it. The pretty looking Jiaozi are put in boiling water after which are then dropped in cold water when ready. The reason for the cold water is to ensure that they do not stick to one another during serving.

The event was very interesting and I look forward to another this coming Wednesday. Despite the heavy downpour that night,  I managed to find a bus and got back to campus. A big thank you to Lucy Lu for the invite and I really learnt alot. 谢谢你们。


Contents of Jiaozi
Filling the Jiaozi
Filling the Jiaozi
Sampling:-) 很好吃
Sampling:-) 很好吃

Images/Courtesy of Attendees 🙂


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