China Plate Restaurant Nairobi – Restaurant Review

China PlateI’ll tell you a little later how China Plate Restaurant  served me the tastiest bowl of Chicken with cashew nuts, but first, let me tell you about the restaurant and the service.  Nairobi has slowly been gaining a reputation as a Chinese city given the large investments from the East and  I don’t doubt that for a bit.

China Plate Restaurant is located along Valley Road at the Chancery Building. The serene environment is just inviting and as the elevator approaches the 1st Floor the smell of well cooked food fills your nostrils. As soon as you set foot inside the restaurant, a team waiters will show you your table. This is quite helpful since the neat set-up of the tables can make you want to sit everywhere.

The color theme is red and abit of white here and there with the walls picking a color in between. The large widows ensure that maximum natural light rushes in. There are tables for large groups of visitors seating up-to 10 guests and also individual tables for those who would prefer to sit a couple. On the table there is an artillery of items that you wouldn’t find in a regular Kenyan restaurant which makes China Plate unique.

Given the fact that it is a Chinese restaurant, it prides in providing exemplary service without overdoing it and this was quite evident is the layout of cutlery on the table. Right before you order arrives, you will see the spoons and forks neatly laid beside and an inverted bowl on a saucer in the middle. Before you finish marveling at the art before you, a polite gentleman will approach your table requesting for your order, let the serious business begin…

I was served Chicken with cashew nuts along with natural orange juice and an assortment of Chinese spices that I was very careful with. After less that 4 mins the waiter was back and found me taking noted. That was very fast and with him was a set of stands and a pair of candles together, he went off again. He later returned with the food and placed it on the candle stands after which it started sizzling. The bowl was overturned and I dug in. The Chicken was well prepared, and quite tender. Mixed with the additional spices, the flavor with fill your mouth.  You will not fail to crunch the cashew nuts in your mouth which also blends in well. A glass of orange juice is then brought along and the juice is purely natural.

The experience can only be truly explained by you heading there and having a taste of the Chinese cuisines. I would highly r4ecomend anyone who has a taste for eastern culture and even students who are learning Chinese. The restaurant opens its doors at 12.00pm Midday till nightfall.

To get to the restaurant by public means, take a 4W at Kencom bus terminus and notify the tout to drop you at China Plate or the Chancery. Make sure you insist because some buses turn-off into Community.

Here are some Images:

Serving of Chicken cashew-nuts with Spiced Rice
Serving of Chicken cashew-nuts with Spiced Rice
Natural Orange Juice along with some spices on the right.
Natural Orange Juice along with some spices on the right.
Table Layout
Table Layout
Table for couples:-)
Table for couples:-)
China Plate Restaurant
China Plate Restaurant

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  1. Brenda Wainaina says:

    My taste buds have been tickled..

  2. very good restaurant and a nice local 😉

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