The 12th Chinese Bridge Competition For Foreign Students At Nairobi University

12thBridge2The 12th Chinese Bridge Competition was today held at Nairobi University. The event attracted attendees  from various Chinese Institutions including the Chinese Embassy Nairobi. The Chinese Bridge Competition showcases the best talent and speech ability that Chinese students in Kenya have to offer.

During the event students from both Nairobi and Kenyatta University Confucius institutes battle it out. Students from other Chinese institutions also offer stiff competition. Speech(60%) , Talent(30%) and Chinese Culture are the judging points where students are examined. Most students have learnt Chinese for less than 3Months and presented some good speeches.

The emerging winner is then gets a chance to travel to China to represent Kenya in the global event at Beijing, China. During today’s event, there was a tie between KU and UoN with both winners getting a chance to go to Beijing to represent Kenya. Winner and contestants were handed gifts. Have a look at the following images.


Room at Nairobi University where the Chinese Bridge was held today
The room arrangements before guests poured in.
Event in Progress
Group Photo of winners, contestants & Judges
Ann Nyambura from Kenyatta University Confucius Institute- Overall Co-winner during an interview with CCTV


Congratulations to the winners & contestants alike for being your best. To the organizers and sponsors of the event (Chinese Embassy) Good Work


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Stella says:

    I am interested in contacting Ann Nyambura the overall winner for a possible singing engagement, are you able to get her to get in touch with us?

    Thank you in advance

    1. Nyambura says:

      Hi stella, nyambura here.thank you for your keen can contact me on

  2. Faith Mworia says:

    Hi, Nyambura…it’s your teacher Faith Laoshi….would you kindly get in touch with me;

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