Chinese Bridge Competition At Kenyatta University CI

BannerNAIROBI, SATURDAY APRIL 6TH 2013  The Chinese Bridge Competition, Kenyatta University Edition was recently held at the Students Business Center on Saturday morning. The Chinese Bridge Competition is a large-scale international contest sponsored by Hanban, and is well-known in the cultural and educational exchanges worldwide. It consists of 3 events: “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students, “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign High School Students and “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Students in China. The competition is held yearly, organized and carried out by the Organizing Committee.

Since it premiered in 2002, more than 600 contestants from over 50 countries throughout the world have participated in the previous eight annually held Chinese knowledge competition. These contestants who win the opportunity to leave for China for the competition are all champions selected from the local competitive masses all over the world.

Right before the event started, the area was a buzz of activities of students practicing their lines and songs. In an event like this, participants are required to present a speech and a song given 6minutes in total. The event is open to students from Kenya, who can speak Chinese or are learning the language. The judging panel was lead by Professor Yang Da Ping (Director Confucius Institute – KU). Below are some images of the event.

SBC▲LOCATION: Kenyatta University Business and Students Services Centre

SBC2▲LOCATION: Kenyatta University Business and Students Services Centre

SBC3▲LOCATION: The event was in Conference Room 012

Teahers▲JUDGING PANEL: The judges were composed of the Chinese Lecturers.

Banner▲PRESENTATION: During one of the presentations.






▲WINNERS: Winners posing for a photo with the judges. The winners will represent Kenyatta University in the capital, Nairobi during the Chinese Bridge which is slated for May this year.


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  1. Am moses,my chinese name is HUGE,am one of those who participated and among the seven best selected.I have found chinese bridge very interesting as well as educating, am hopping to do even beter at the university of Nairobi and China.XIEXIE NIMEN.

    1. Ahmed Usman says:

      Moses am Usman lookinfg somebody to consult on Chinese class please help

  2. keniyaren says:

    OK Moses, all the best as you prepare for May’s event, the competition is stiff in Nairobi so success. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow it feels great seen maself as one of the 7 hope I’ll make it in Nairobi.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Sure, why not,i believe you have all that is required unless otherwise.

  4. Moses says:

    I sat on the lev 2 which dint gv mi pressure though there was that emergent oral paper which later too turned friendly. I only feared lev 3 coz it waz ma first time bt i’ll b doing it next please keep mi infrmd always.xie xie ni.

  5. brown says:

    All the best to those that will be part of the competition,check informative books that will for sure assist you at .

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