Confucius Institute At Kenyatta University Has Moved

UnpackingWith time comes a change and this time the change fell onto the Confucius Institute – KU. Today the whole institute was all smiling as they quickly settle into their new offices at the Moi Library just next to the university bookshop.

This could not come at a better time as the student numbers are increasing so a new place is well accepted. Today staff was arranging books and their equipment so I will head over there on Friday to take some shots of the new offices.

This post now supersedes the one for “How to get to KU-CI” so here are the directions to the new offices.

  1. From the main gate, walk straight forward till the junction ahead.
  2. At the junction take the right and proceed as if your heading to the Post Modern Library.
  3. Just after a few steps, glance to your left and you will see the new KU Bookshop in clear lettering.
  4. Cross the road carefully and while at the entrance to the bookshop, turn to your right and there is the KU-CI

I will post images and more info as soon as they finish, anyway big thanks to Director Martin C. Njoroge and Director Prof. Yang Daping

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  1. Stephen M. Kimani says:

    I had applied to study CHINESE LANGUAGE AND CULTURE at Kenyatta University in the year 2013. I passed all the erollement reguirements and was issued with admission number. I was late to submit the fee and thus became locked outside of the set deadline. I am eager to learn during the next intake in the year 2014. Please advise me on how I may succed with my ambition. Please confirm if I may use the same admission number. Thankyou.

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