Chinese Spring Festival 2013 – Kasarani

Spring-Festival-2013  After the week-long celebration at KU for the Chinese Spring Festival, the icing on the cake was held at Kasarani Stadium, Nairobi. During this event, the Chinese really made a point that they are here to display their rich culture and all who attended, said the same.

The attendance was remarkable with a greater percentage being the Chinese dwelling in Kenya and ambassadors of the Peoples’ Republic of China + other invited guests. Locals also streamed at the event. KU students, secondary and primary students from various schools were there.

The performers were outstanding and perhaps the best was the Face Changing by Zhang Yueying who made the VIPs who shook her hand jump to the scare. Also the China Shenjun band were amazing with their interesting instruments and playing ability. Jin Linlin amazed the crowds with her hulla hoops. Here are some shots…

Kasarani Entrance
Kasarani Stadium Gymnasium Entrance
Inside the Gymnasium
Inside the Gymnasium
He Wenwu - Qinghai Tibetan Plateau
He Wenwu – Qinghai Tibetan Plateau
China Shenjun Band
China Shenjun Band
Jin Lin Lin - Dynamic Hula Hoops
Jin Lin Lin – Dynamic Hula Hoops

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  1. モンブラン製品を選ぶときは、「太さ」「長さ」「重さ」「重心」の4つについて考える必要があります。

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