How To Get To The Confucius Institute In KU

Kenyatta University Confucious InstituteWell, lets face it Kenyatta University is a very large school and due to this every new students has had to go through the daunting task of locating an office. Now for the ones wishing to study Mandarin, Confucius institute is not in the big signboard at the main entrance, so here is how to locate it.

General, KU Confucius Institute is right behind the security gate but since there is no short-cut, one has to foot quite some distance, worse is if you don’t exactly know where it is. For KU students the CI is at Nigeria 23

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get there.

NOTE: This guide assumes that you have made it to the University Entrance…standing there…abit confused.:-)

Step1: From the KU Main Gate, walk past the security beeps and immediately cross the road to the left side. During working hours there is a multitude of people racing up and down so it wont hurt saying hello to some few. Anyway after crossing the road, keep walking and on the wall adjacent to the path is some Chinese carvings of human figures. If you see this, then your definitely on the right path.

Step2: Proceed ahead and after some meters of walking you will come to a junction on your left in which a dusty path leads to a construction site. Take this path and walk till the construction building. From the construction site, turn left and walk down that tarmac road till the end.

The yellow arrow in the horizon indicates the Confucius Institute offices. Walk till there

Step3: After 100m or less, on your left watch out for the sign board with the words: “KENYATTA UNIVERSITY – CONFUCIUS INSTITUTE”  You have arrived, welcome..

Kenyatta University Confucious Institute

Just one more item, when facing the offices, the reception is on the right while the library (Resource Center) is on the left, so if this is your first time, I presume you would go to the reception.

Was the guide helpful? Have you ever gotten lost? Share your experience in the comments section below.


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